Peel & Stick Wallpaper

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Peel & Stick Wallpaper

This paper was perfect for the theme of the room! It is a dark navy with a true metallic gold for the constellations. I used one roll to cover this area, but they give good directions for determining how much you need. I learned a few tips as I went, so I'm sharing them with you!

Pattern Repetition

Figure out how frequently the pattern repeats itself. For me this was 20.5". I needed 36" of height, but instead of cutting 36", cut off 41" (a multiple of 20.5"). If you cut off 41' segments every time, your pattern lines up at the top every time! I used a straight edge and x-acto knife to cut.

Smooth it Out

Take that 41" segment and lay it flat on a hard surface. It may have ridges from being rolled out. You want to smooth these ridges now, not on the wall. I removed backing where necessary and used this flexible spreader .

Peel a Little

Backing side up, peel about 4" from the top and create a crease in the backing. Then start at the leftmost side of the wall and line this edge up at the top of your wall. Once it is aligned slowly peel away more, spreading as you go until it is all applied.

Repeat Until Covered

Repeat each step above. Now when you apply you are not only top aligning the sheets, but also focusing on alignemnt with the piece to the left.

Trim the Excess

Once they're all up, take your x-acto knife along the bottom crease and remove the overhang. I wanted to save money on a second roll and opted to sacrifice the line-up on this last little bit.

A little money saving hack

I covered it with one of my overhang cut offs, and it didnt line up perfectly, but I took another cut-off and with sharp scissors cut out some pieces to blend my line! Watch the process in this Instagram story highlight!