DIY Name Sign

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DIY Name Sign

This is such a fun craft and can be used as a wall sign or a door hanging! The only piece of this that is not entirely DIY is the name cut-out, so I have those for sale on my Etsy Shop!

You can order a name, surname, monogram, logo, or anything you want turned into a sign!

I started by taking a 16"x4' edge glued board from Home Depot and cutting three 16" circles out of it. You could also buy a precut circle from Home Depot or Lowes. They are called edge glued panel round boards and come in various diameters. You can also find rounds or other wooden backgrounds at Micheal's and other craft stores.

You can get creative with a rectangular sign and frame it out! There are tons of possibilities!

Optional (Cut a Circle)

The process for cutting these rounds was similar to my DIY Rocking Chair, with the plunge router and the 3/8" straight bit from this set . It involved a much smaller jig, set to an 8" radius.

Design Your Background

Once you have the circles, plan out how you want to finish them. You could stain, paint, or do a combination of both. I opted for both with a color block look.

Add a Hanger

If you have a plunge router a keyhole is a way to add a hanger without added hardware. The same set has a keyhole bit, and your sign will hang on a screw if you add a keyhole like in the above video. Otherwise you can buy a D-ring hanger or sawtooth hanger to inexpensively apply to the back.

Applying Rubio Monocoat stain

You can apply any stain you like. I am a fan of Rubio because it is all natural, non toxic, & zero VOC. This was important to me being pregnant and making this for the nursery. I used the same. stain throughout the nursery, Bourbon in a 3 to 1 ratio with this Accelerator. I spread it on with a flexible spreader and after 5 minutes, wiped it off with a rag. Let the rag dry fully before throwing away.

Paint the Board & Cut-Outs

If you want to colorblock, use painter's tape for a crisp line and. paint below it. The cut outs I make come primed and ready for paint. I used the same color sample in a satin finish throughout the nursery. You could also use craft paint, or spray paint. I even finished the middle. name with gold leaf Rub n' Buff to tie it together with the Moon Phase Mobile and the Refinished Side Table.

Glue-Up & Embellish

Save the backing so you can line up all your separate name pieces. Use small dots of wood glue on the back of each letter to attach. You don't want it to spill out from underneath. You may accidentally glue the backing. Remove it as soon as the pieces are down so it doesn't dry together. Embellish however you want! I used olive branch stems for Oliver's sign, wrapped in some gold rope and hot glued at the top.