Nativity Advent Calendar

Nativity Advent Calendar

I just love our family's December tradition and wanted to share it with you! We open a piece of the nativity everyday until the 25th. December 1st starts with the stable setting the scene for what's to come, and each morning thereafter the kids with find another piece I've hidden the night before. The kids have so much fun searching for the piece, adding it to our nativity, and reading the accompanying bible verse. I have compiled verses that tell the Christmas story, tie into each individual piece of the nativity, and are easy to understand for young children. I will happily send you this printable for free. Just enter your email address at the bottom of the post!

The Nativity Pieces

I used a standard nativity set, but got creative with a few additions to round it out to 25 days. The additions are mostly items I had on hand, or I easily made. The additional items include a heart, some swaddling cloth (strips of ribbon), the name Jesus (I wrote it out), a company of angels (I made a window cling, but a drawing would work great!), two doves (we add these to the tree when we open them), a star (this was an ornament) & a cross on Christmas Day. The first year I gave a cross necklace, but in the following years it has been a cross ornament we add to the tree.

I also use a stable that I found at Hobby Lobby. It was a nice way to upgrade the standard children's nativity set.

I wrap each piece in tissue paper, along with the printed verse, and tie on the accompanying number. I also fold and store the wrapping as they open them to reuse it each year.

The Bible Story

When I compiled these verses, I put a lot of thought into the order of the pieces. For the sake of the Christmas story baby Jesus gets opened on Day 7, because then the Shepherds, Star, Wisemen, etc. come afterwards. It does close with a cross on the 25th and what this symbolizes in Christianity.

You could absolutely start this at anytime if you wanted to open Jesus on the 25th and have the wise men arrive on January 6th, the Epiphany. You could also open this all in one day. I could see this as an activity that could especially work well with older children.

Bible verses have been selected across the following translations to tie in to the nativity and for children’s understanding: CEV- Contemporary English Version, ICB- International Children’s Bible, ERV- Easy-to-Read Version, NET- New English Translation

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