No-Sew Crib Rail Guard

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No-Sew Crib Rail Guard

I love this solution for a climbing or a teething baby because it's completely customizable to whatever fabric fits your decor. Choose a fleece or a plush fabric. They don't fray when cut, they're incredible soft, and there is always so much of it to choose from at the fabric store. They even make several baby prints if that's what you're looking for! I went with a metallic gold print on a soft plush fabric, very similar to fleece.

See the choices I made for the crib & bedding and how to make your own below!

Protect with Bumpers

You'll need two of these in the 6 ft length. You can also find this in a hardware store under pipe insulation. I do not recommend adhering it to the crib if yours has adhesive on the seam. The fabric will be enough to keep it on. Cut the corners on a 45 degree angle with scissors. Use on tube across the front. The other tube will cover both sides.

Cut your Fleece

You'll need 3/4 of a yard of fleece in the standard 58" width. Lay it out this way. Cut in half longways. Then cut one of those sides in half across the middle. The two half segments will be used for the sides and the. long one for the front.

Align it with Crib

Take one of the side pieces and center it on the side rail. Match up the front and back edges of the fabric underneath the rail.

Cutting each Tie

Next you'll cut everywhere the crib transitions from a rail to an opening or an opening to a rail. I'm only cutting the front side of my fabric right here. This will leave you with a hanging fabric piece for each rail and a hanging fabric piece for each gap.

Transferring Cuts

Take the fabric off the rail, lay it down with a middle fold, and transfer those front cuts to the back. Then open it up, lay it on the other side piece, and transfer all cuts.

Tying on the Fabric

Tie on every piece that falls in a gap and tuck in every piece that falls on a rail. For the corners wrap over to the other side and tie on. If you need too, cut here a little more to be able to reach.

Repeat these same steps on the other side of the crib. Lastly duplicate this steps with the long piece of fleece on the front of the crib. The front piece will overlap the side pieces at the corners and make for a seamless look!