Moon Phase Mobile

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Moon Phase Mobile

This mobile was the perfect way to tie together the theme of the room! You could make one into a mobile, a horizontal wall hanging, or a vertical wall hanging. Photos of each option are below, and the video process for each is highlighted on Instagram here!

All the supplies I used are pictured here. The paint is a sample from Home Depot, leftover from my Refinished Side Table. The floral ring, gold leaf Rub n' Buff, and wooden key rings are all from Micheals, but I have linked similar Amazon findings.

Start by painting the wood circles. You'll need 9 total if you plan on making a wall hanging or 12 total for the mobile. Paint. the fronts, backs, and sides. You couldalso use a dar brown stain instead or a black paint.

lay out your first 5 circles, we are putting painter's tape on half of two of them. The pattern is no moon, half moon, full moon, opposite half moon, no moon. Dab on full and half moons with rub n' buff and a q-tip making crater like patterns. Paint the backs and sides too, making sure it's the same half of the moon getting painting.

Next add in 4 more circles in between the other five. We are making moon. transitions here adding in crescent moons & gibbous moons. You can free hand this or use painter's tape and scissors to mark off the moon shapes. If you are making a wall hanging, you'll just need these 9. For the mobile, I added in 4 more transitional moons (2 small crescents & 2 almost full gibbous). I also took away 1 of the no moons.

Option 1

For a vertical wall hanging, use any string you'd like and tie on the disks evenly spaced, then let it hang from the top.

Option 2

For a horizontal wall hanging, tie the moons on individual strings at varying heights in a V shape, then tie each of these strings evenly spaced on one long string. Secure the two ends to the wall.

Option 3

For the mobile, you'll lay out the twelve like clock hours. First I'm tying on the quadrants, then adding two between each. I secured each string to the ring with a dot of hot glue. I made the strings extra long, then once it was hanging in place, I shortened them to increasingly longer heights along the spiral.