Week 1- The Design

Visualizing these elements together, and the little one crawled into the picture! I thought it was only fitting to keep him in the photo. He'll likely be making several appearances during this 8 week room makeover.

Week 1- The Design

The baby is finally sleeping in his own room! Since the bassinet and changing table have moved out, we're ready to move in some quality furniture and create an adult space that promotes a good night's sleep. Im ready for it!

Our current tray ceiling, with the picture frame moulding has always seemed off to me, but instead of removing it, I'm incorporating it into the design. I'm playing off the traditional picture frame moulding currently in my tray ceiling and carrying it down to the walls. I'll be layering trims and damask patterns for a more ornate look, but painting it all with a flat blue wall color for a modern feel. (See below for the mood board.) I've picked some rugs for the space that will be informing the blue and cream color choices in the room and will make the final decisions on those over the next few weeks.

In addition to the blues and creams, I'll be using a lot of antique gold in fixtures and frames. I have plans to DIY a fun gold mirror, build large custom nightstands and flip some other furniture pieces.

For now, the fireplace needs our attention as I'll be building a hearth structure to support the new mantle (seen in my sitting area collage below). I'll be creating a stone look on the fireplace wall.

Stay tuned to my stories on instagram, or meet me back here next week for the fireplace update!

Sleeping Area

The furniture is just inspiration, as I will be flipping an iron bed and hopefully making my own nightstands.

Sitting Area

The fireplace will be getting the biggest makeover, with an ornate mantle upgrade.

From entrance, view of bed and sitting area

This view of the bed will be transformed with the inspiration above.

This view of the sitting area will be transformed with the inspiration above.

A look at the opposite blank wall that will also get a moulding wall treatment.

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