Week 3- Faux-Stone Fireplace Finish

Week 3- Faux-Stone Fireplace Finish

I experimented and found a great formula for achieving a faux-stone finish on the fireplace! It's so simple and takes just two simple ingredients.


First start with flat paint in the color of your choice. I measured out 1/4 cup into a mixing tray. I then added 1/4 cup of Plaster of Paris, little by little, stirring it in until smooth. Equal parts paint and PoP gave a great consistency for this! Plaster of Paris is readily available in the paint section at hardware stores. I worked with small batches as the plaster will set fairly quickly.


I applied it using a 6" putty knife, smoothing seams as I went, going in different directions, creating flowy movement. One it started to set, I went back through with a clean putty knife and started dragging the setting plaster (using varying pressure on the putty knife) to create textured effects.

The end result is really beautiful, and I can't believe how simple it was to achieve! Stay tuned for next week as I work on the ceiling! I'm adding an oversized medallion and changing out the light fixtures!

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