Edge Banding Hack

Edge Banding Hack

I recently came up with a creative use for edge banding that's too good not to share! If you don't know, edge banding is intended to be used on the edge of plywood when it would otherwise be exposed in projects. I started using it on the surface of plywood to create different patterns and geometric designs. It's a way to get the mosaic look without power tools! All you need is an iron and something to cut with, I prefer a box knife. Here's a video summarizing the idea! No Saw Geometric Design Hack

I just refinished a piece of furniture using the hack. It was my first time applying to something other that plywood, and it worked great! Just give the furniture a good sanding so the edge banding has something to adhere to.

You can use any iron, but I use my Cricut heat press for the wide, flat surface. I also use a cutting mat and straight edge when I trim my edge banding. Edge banding is sold in 3/4" thickness at the big box hardware stores because that's the thickness of most plywood. I used 3/4" thickness on the trays pictured above. I found a fantastic product at 2" wide that I used on the furniture flip. Maple edge banding from Amazon.

The possibilities with this product are endless, but I drew 10 different pattern ideas that would be great with it! I've highlighted some beautiful work from other DIYers below. If you try any of these tag me on Instagram @productofgracedesigns and use the hashtag #edgebandinghack as I'd love to share your work here and on instagram!

This pattern was used on the console table I flipped. I have a reel explaining how to lay it out here!

Aashka from @afterhoursdiy used a 90° herringbone pattern on the drawers of her furniture flip! See her process here!

Jocelyn from @project_home_jocelyn put her spin on basketweave, literally weaving the edge banding. She took advantage of its flexibility and created a round table base with it! See her process here!

This is the pattern that started it all for me, and now I'm hooked! There is a highlight for the tray to follow all the steps and make one yourself!

Corner Rotary Box

The reverse concept of the ribbon. This pattern makes the same 45° cuts but orients them around the center forming a square in the middle.

Triangle Rotary Box

Similar to the corner rotary box, the edge of this one line u along an x instead of a cross.

Triangle Ribbon Box

Similar to the other ribbon box, the edges of this one line up along an x. The pattern itself looks like a cross.


The chevron pattern also uses 45° cuts, but they are parallel to one another. All pieces are the same length, and the align against vertical lines.

45 Herringbone

A classic herringbone style, created the same way as the full herringbone but with same size rectangles. Change orientation every time you reach an edge.


This one is really interesting, and really the possibilities are endless. I'd love to see what you could come up with! Use #edgebandinghack if you give any of these a try!

If you're ready to try something more advanced, click here for 10 New Edge Banding Patterns! These were so much fun to create and name! Please tag me if you use them! @ProductofGraceDesigns